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Calvin Klein All vs BE Comparison | Snazz Me Up
Calvin Klein All vs BE Comparison | Snazz Me Up
In this video, we bring you the differences between two fragrances by Calvin Klein. CK All vs CK BE are both unisex fragrances and are one of the best in the world. About CK ALL► CK All is a scent that is an interpretation of the 'cultural wave' brought forth by the new generation, 'one that rejects society’s assumptions, barriers and designations'. This new fragrance wants you to be you, free from constraints to express yourself with fluidity casting aside any identifying markers and labels.This refreshing composition is both fresh and warm, that opens with citrusy notes, followed by paradisone (flowery fragrance ingredient by Firmenich) and finished with the warmth of amber and musk. About CK BE ► A refreshing oriental woody fragrance Opening with clean tonic freshness made up of bergamot, juniper berry, mandarin, mint and lavender, ck be grows into a fresh blend of light spices, tempered by the floral warmth of magnolia and the succulence of peach. The drydown reveals sandalwood heightened by the warmth and richness of opoponax and tonka bean.
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