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Starters & Snacks
Pizza Jacket Potatoes | Party Snacks | The Foodie
Pizza Jacket Potatoes | Party Snacks | The Foodie

how to play handicap in betting,An easy recipe for wiping out the boredom of a regular meal with this exciting pizza jacket potatoes. A great party snack - you can't just have one!!!

Ingredients Required to make Pizza Jacket Potatoes - 
2 Potatoes medium-sized 
3 tbsp Onion chopped 
3 tbsp Corn boiled 
3 tbsp Capsicum chopped 
2 tbsp Pizza Sauce 
Cheese grated 
Mixed Herbs 

Method to make Pizza Jacket Potatoes - 
Take the potatoes and chop them in half. 
Cook in microwave for 3 mins or boil in a pressure cooker for 10 mins. 
Remove the centre flesh of the potatoes and keep it aside. 
For the filling, in a bowl, add onions, corn, capsicum and pizza sauce. 
Mix everything well and fill it in the centre of the potatoes. 
Top it with grated cheese and sprinkle from mixed herbs. 
Microwave it for 1 min till the cheese melts and it's ready to be served. 

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